Ferrite toroid – MnZn 56mm 32mm 18mm, Al7700


This ferrite core is made of Mn-Zn (manganese-zinc) material and coated with epoxy resin, it is mainly used to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and filter noise in various electronic devices.

These components are common in power supplies, circuits, and other electronic equipment where it is important to minimize noise and improve electrical signal clarity. Based on the specified dimensions and inductance, the ferrite toroid is typically used for higher-power applications, such as in industrial electronics or network equipment, where high voltage isolation capability (2100 V) is also key.



  • Brand: TI-Electronic
  • Category: Ferrite
  • Type: Toroid
  • Material: Mn-Zn
  • Size: 56mm 32mm 18mm
  • Inductance: Al=7700 nH
  • Part Number: TIE-ferrite-toroid-mnzn-56mm-32mm-18mm-al7700
  • Coating: epoxy
    Insulation: 2100 V


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