Ferrite toroid – MnZn 42mm 26mm 18mm Al10350


Epoxy-coated ferrite toroid (ring-shaped) with Mn-Zn (manganese-zinc) composition, presumably used in electromagnetic applications. The inductance value (Al=10350 nH) and its dimensions (42mm x 26mm x 18mm) provide a significant level of inductance, which suggests that this ferrite toroid is typically used in power supplies, noise filters, and other circuits where it is important to reduce electromagnetic interference and improving energy efficiency.

The 2100 V insulation suggests that it can be used in high-voltage environments, which further increases its field of application. The epoxy coating provides physical protection and helps maintain the integrity of the part under various environmental conditions.



  • Brand: TI-Electronic
  • Category: Ferrite
  • Type: Toroid
  • Material: Mn-Zn
  • Size: 42mm 26mm 18mm
  • Inductance: Al=10350 nH
  • Part Number: TIE-ferrite-toroid-mnzn-42mm-26mm-18mm-Al10350
  • Coating: epoxy
    Insulation: 2100 V


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