Ferrite toroid – MnZn 36mm 23mm 22mm Al11700


These toroidal ferrites are primarily designed for high-frequency noise reduction and electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering. The device’s size and inductance make it an ideal choice for applications where space is limited but a high level of EMI protection is required, such as in power supplies, inverters, and other electronic equipment.



  • Brand: TI-Electronic
  • Category: Ferrite
  • Type: Toroid
  • Material: Mn-Zn
  • Size: 36mm 23mm 22mm
  • Inductance: Al=11700 nH
  • Part Number: TIE-ferrite-toroid-mnzn-36mm-23mm-22mm-Al11700
  • Coating: epoxy
    Insulation: 2100 V


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