Ferrite toroid – MnZn 26mm 14,5mm 15mm Al10500


Mn-Zn (manganese-zinc) based ferrite cores are commonly used in electronic applications, especially where high-frequency circuit components are present. These ferrite cores effectively reduce electromagnetic interference and improve signal quality.

Below are some typical applications for toroidal ferrite cores:

  • Transformers: Used especially in power supplies and other circuit transformers where noise reduction and efficiency are important.
  • Inductors: Serves as the core of inductors used in circuits where inductance control is important.
  • Noise reduction: The core can be placed at cable crossing points to reduce electromagnetic interference through cables.
  • Signal Integrity: Used on data lines and signal transmission applications to improve signal integrity.

The epoxy coating and high insulation value (2100 V) suggest that these cores may be particularly suitable for high-voltage applications or environments where components are resistant to chemical or physical damage.



  • Brand: TI-Electronic
  • Category: Ferrite
  • Type: Toroid
  • Material: Mn-Zn
  • Size: 26mm 14,5mm 15mm
  • Inductance: Al=10500 nH
  • Part Number: TIE-ferrite-toroid-mnzn-26mm-14,5mm-15mm-Al10500
  • Coating: epoxy
    Insulation: 2100 V


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