Nanocrystalline toroid 65mm 50mm 25mm Al40uH/2kHz Al95uH/150kHz


These inductive components are widely used in power transmission and conversion systems and play an important role in controlling certain sensors and other precision electronic devices.


  • Brand: TI-Electronic
  • Category: Nanocrystalline
  • Type: Toroid
  • Material: Metal-metal nanocomposite
  • Size: 65mm 50mm 25mm
  • Inductance min Al / 2kHz = 40uH
  • Inductance min Al / 150 kHz = 95uH
  • Part Number: TIE-nanocrystalline-toroid-65mm-50mm-25mm-al40uh2khz-al95uh150khz
  • Coating: epoxy
    Insulation: 2100 V


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