PCB Assembly – Electronic Manufacturing – EMS

TI-Electronic is a partner in the electronic PCB assembly production service

The main profile of our company is the production of electronic circuits, thanks to our professional experience and know-how, we can undertake the assembly of electronic products and the production of circuits on favorable terms, from prototype making to small, medium and large volume serial production.

Due to the localization of our company in Hungary, we can offer fast and flexible delivery options in the European Union. With the continuous development of our production capacity and technology, we strive for long-term quality service.

Our PCB assembly production technology:

  • SMT panel assembly 01005 – 45 mm x 45 mm (1206, 0805, 0603, 0402, 0201, 02001)
  • BGA, ľBGA, Flip Chips, CSP, Connectors assembly
  • THT panel installation
  • Axial / Radial installation
  • Manual panel assembly
  • Reflow and Dispenser gluing
  • Lead-free and unique soldering
  • Special panel varnishes (IP protection)
  • Coating and spills
  • Panel programming

Our circuit testing:

  • Visual inspection – VT
  • Automatic optical inspection – AOI
  • Circuit testing ICT
  • Function testing – FC

Our related services:

  • Quality control
  • Design and manufacture of production tools
  • Parts procurement
  • Panel development
  • Production optimization
  • Product box development
  • Labeling and packaging
  • Logistics and delivery
  • Warranty and service

Design services:

  • Circuit design and firmware development is possible by our professional partner
  • 3D model printing STL file design

Quality assurance:

  • We have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 continuously audited certificates.
  • According to customer requirements, several of our products have UL, VDE, CSA certification.

Reasons for choosing EMS services from TI-Electronic:

  • We have all types of automatic implantation technology
  • We also have manual assembly and wave soldering
  • We undertake both small and large volume production
  • Our scrap rate is less than 0.15 %
  • Our special installation options: programming, varnishing, coating, pouring, labeling
  • We also undertake circuit design and prototype production
  • We have our own injection molding plant for the production of smaller plastic parts
  • We have several testing options available
  • We undertake parts procurement, quality assurance, packaging and logistics
  • We provide a minimum 1-year warranty for all our products
  • We have a favorable price level
  • Cost-cutting solutions
  • Flexible and accurate delivery

Automatic Pick & Place line:

Manual Assembly, Varnishing, Labeling:

Quality and Testing:

ESD Hall Climate System:

ESD assembly hall:

TI-Electronic pcb assembly ESD hall picture