PCB assembly machines

TI Electronic Llc. provides EMS and CEM services in the field of PCB assembly. We are working with the newest technologies, which includes a Yamaha automatic electronic production line, along with manual SMD assembly with modern wave soldering machines. These machines enable us to offer a wide variety of PCB assembly solutions such as SMT, SMD and THT. The reasons we have chosen to work with these machines is that they offer the best available technology in EMS making our SMD products flexible, quickly assembled but also very high-quality.
Introducing our production lines grants valuable insight into our daily electronic manufacturing operation, whilst properly describing the specification of the certain machines.

I.phase: Solder paste

Yamaha YCP10 is a high-performance compact solder printer, which is used at the first step of PCB assembly with SMT technology. The pasting machine is an excellent asset to produce high-quality SMD boards and it can also be inserted into a production line or use separately. Yamaha is known for its exquisite standards, which is manifested in this YCP10 printer through its multiple functions.

One of the main features of this pasting machine which provides its multifunctionality is the 3S (swing-single-squeegee) head. With the use of a servomotor, it uses force control to change the squeegee attack angle between 45°and 65°. In electronic SMT assembly, through this 3S head, the machine could easily switch between different type of solders and PCB structures. Not only the 3S head is used in SMT but also in THT procedure, where it is capable to solder print the thru holes of the PCB.

With a special stencil vacuum system, the printer delivers production without any droop, which eventually lead to a more precise and quick operation. In addition to the vacuum mechanics, the machine also has a filling adjust function which is designed to achieve better solder printing for the different PCBs. To serve our customers demand, we are ready assemble PCBs on a wide size range. Our solder printer is capable of printing solders for larger PCBs with a size of L510×W460 mm but also custom-made sizes are all available throughout our automatic electronic production lines.

During SMT inspection is a crucial point, that is why the YCP10 printer has a built-in inspection system, which operate with dedicated cameras to inspect the soldering on the boards, making the PCB assembly process secured and error free. Not only an inspection function is providing high-quality EMS, but also the printer’s auto cleaning system, which has several options in order to fit to every kind of PCBs.

Some other special features of YCP10 are the IT option, solder detection and bad mark transfer function. The IT option provides ID monitoring of the stencil, solder and squeegees in order to avoid mismatches between the PCB data and the actual production work. Using barcodes for this procedure allows the producers to check expiration date of the solder. Besides, the IT option grants numerous benefits for our CEM line such as (i) high productivity, (ii) high reliability, (iii) reduction of labor, (iv) skill free operation, which eventually all leads to higher quality. The solder detection system is responsible for measuring the rolling width of solder on the stencil on a regular basis. When resupply is needed an alarm informs the operator. This way a systematic and continuous resupply periods are obtained. The YCP10 identifies bad marks and mistakes that might have occurred in the solder pasting and automatically transfers the data to the mounter in the next production phase, which ultimately decreases line losses, thus boost the production.

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