PCB assembly machines

TI Electronic Llc. provides EMS and CEM services in the field of PCB assembly. We are working with the newest technologies, which includes a Yamaha automatic electronic production line, along with manual SMD assembly with modern wave soldering machines. These machines enable us to offer a wide variety of PCB assembly solutions such as SMT, SMD and THT. The reasons we have chosen to work with these machines is that they offer the best available technology in EMS making our SMD products flexible, quickly assembled but also very high-quality.
Introducing our production lines grants valuable insight into our daily electronic manufacturing operation, whilst properly describing the specification of the certain machines.

I.phase: Solder paste

Yamaha YCP10 is a high-performance compact solder printer, which is used at the first step of PCB assembly with SMT technology. The pasting machine is an excellent asset to produce high-quality SMD boards and it can also be inserted into a production line or use separately. Yamaha is known for its exquisite standards, which is manifested in this YCP10 printer through its multiple functions.


II.phase: Pick and place

The Yamaha YS12F is a professional pick and place automatic line specifically designed for SMD assembly purposes. The machine is a great fit for automatic lines, as it has all the qualities that enable it to be inserted into an already existing production line. The dimension of this SMT assembly machine is ideal for manual and automatic assembly processes as well as both for mass and specific SMD production.


III.phase: Reflow soldering

The Electrovert Omni ES7 reflow soldering and curing system is our newest, high-tech device in our CEM services. The design of this machine offers high thermal performance along with process capability and control. Electrovert is the leading machine producer company in the SMT industry through their IsoThermal Chamber (ICT), which is currently patented by them. The ICT is a novel solution that enables SMD assemblers to master reflow soldering with the help of Omni ES7. Reflow soldering and curing applications could be entirely fulfilled by our Omni ES7 oven, which provides a reliable, easy-to-operate, and energy-efficient machine.


IV. phase: Wave soldering

When reflow soldering is not possible or recommended, we use manual assembly with SEHO Power Wave 4.0 wave soldering machine. For some complex and special SMD boards, the assembly can only be executed with wave soldering for which this SEHO device is one of the best choices. The design and the structure of the wave soldering device enable to personalize SMD assembly and integrate the machine into an already existing production line or just apply it on its own. The PowerWave 4.0 has six preheat zones and a maximum, 1 800 mm preheat length, which is ideal to create individually configurable soldering areas for lead-free applications. Moreover, the 4.0 model is also equipped with both quartz heating and convection modules so that our company can optimize production according to our customers’ needs. Through this diverse set of options, high-temperature stability and homogenous distribution of heat are achieved during the whole wave soldering process.


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