Nanocrystalline and Amorphous


Tommy Invest Elektronikai Kft. undertakes the delivery of cores made of nanocrystal materials and the production of inductive elements made of nanocrystal materials.

The ever-increasing frequency and working temperature demands of electronic components can only be met with passive elements made of new materials. Inductive elements that meet new needs can only be realized with magnetic nanocomposites. Metal-metal type nanocomposites can be used up to 10 MHz, while metal-insulator type nanocomposites can be used up to the limit frequency of ferromagnetic resonance (several GHz).

Currently, our company only produces metal-metal nanocomposites. These are essentially nanocrystalline alloys, which are produced by heat treatment of the prealloy with an amorphous structure produced by rapid cooling. We can produce the amorphous tape in a width between 4-20 mm. Wider cores are made by stacking thinner cores next to each other.

With heat treatment in a magnetic field, the permeability can be varied between 25,000 and 90,000, while with heat treatment under mechanical stress, the permeability can be further reduced to a value of 200, thus overlapping the value range between 200 and 1000, which is not available for powdered iron cores. Iron cores with low permeability and a linear magnetization curve can be advantageously used for the production of switch-mode power supplies and current meters operating in fly-back mode.

The limit frequency that can be determined from the frequency dependence of the imaginary part of the permeability varies between 10 MHz and a few kHz, while the static relative permeability is varied between 200 and 100,000 by heat treatments under different magnetic fields or mechanical stress. It is important to emphasize that after these heat treatments the coercive field remains below 5 A/m.

We design different cores for electromagnetic noise filtering (EMC), whose diameter varies between 10-100 mm and weight between 4-300 grams.

We made single- and three-phase common mode noise filters, the characteristics of which are better compared to the Mn-Zn ferrites used so far. These filters are used in air conditioners, inverters, welding equipment, personal computers and various medical and network management devices and many other places.

We made small, tubular, high-permeability induction cores (magnetic beads) that can be pulled onto the output plinth of active electronic devices, which absorb interference pulses to a large extent in the case of circuits operating in switching mode.


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Amorphous crystallite metal materials: