Mechanic Assembly

TI-Electronic mechanic assembly content picture

Our company has extensive experience in the area of various installation technologies. We perform the installation of printed circuits into complex finished products, the installation and production of precision engineering instruments (tape devices, pyrotechnical installation, AIRBAG, parts for the automobile industry). The plastic parts are manufactured in our own factory via injection moulding.

Solutions for installation:

  • Individual workplaces
  • Bound production line

Technologies and machines for installation:

  • After the installation technology and machines are secured by the client, we are able to undertake the required configuration and adaptation and work according to the customer’s requirements and installation timetable.
  • We handle the preparation of the appropriate technology required for installation, planning and fit out of the production lines.

Personnel and material conditions:

Our precision engineering services are carried out by qualified personnel with essential technical support. Thus, the organization, supply and installation of the base conditions, the production area, the energy, the compressed air, the nitrogen protective atmosphere, the sprayed and painted coating can be completed by us.