Magnetic Card Heads

Magnetic Card Heads

Tommy Invest Electronic LLC. undertakes the production, planning and development of standard and specific types of magnetic card heads. Our products can currently be found in consumer electronics embedded in magnetic stripe systems, at bank ATMs and on the area of medical electronics.

Our company is an experienced manufacturer of magnetic card heads and offers high-end technical quality to all of its clients.

Our company manufactures magnetic card heads for controlling, counting and encoding devices operating with magnetic cards or magnetic bars (e.g. entry, identification, parking, locker, credit card, etc. device/systems) as well as data storage systems in medical electronics. The heads diverting from the ISO standard bar scheme can be functionally writing, reading or writing-reading designs even in multi-channel versions. We manufacture heads for both LOCO (300 Oe) and HICO (4000 Oe) magnetic cards. The material of the heads can be a special alloy with high abrasion resistance or ferrite depending on client requirements.

Reasons for choosing magnetic card head products from TI-Electronic:

  • Fields of application: Audio tape, ATM, magnetic card, magnetic paper
  • We are manufacturing and developing standard and individual magnetic heads on customer’s request
  • Long durability – strong wear-resistance
  • Small size
  • 1 – 9 channels
  • Favourable prices
  • Fast delivery

The main parameters may be the following:

  • Inductivity for writing heads: 1-100 mH
  • Inductivity for reading heads: 10-600 mH
  • Writing-reading speed: 45-1000 mm/s
  • Density of writing: 65-420 FRPI

Magnetic Head Products:

Magnet Heads for Tape system:

Magnet Heads for Magnetcard system:

A short list of our most important solutions:
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