Product development


We make a product for You:

TI-Electronic has decades of experience in the production and development of electronic products and components. We undertake the production and development of the products designed by our company, as well as the electronic products and components of our partners, from prototype level to serial production.

In the case of ferrite and nanocrystal components, our product development requires physical scientific precision, in which case our development partner, the Hungarian Central Solid State Physics Research Institute.

The most important profile strength of our company is the development of marketable and guaranteeable, quality-stable products from the technical designs of our partners’ products, as well as serial production, packaging and traceable IT services of the product.

In order to bring electronic products to the market, a number of official quality regulations and standards must be met.

Our company has professional experience in obtaining official quality certificates for electronic products in the European Union, USA, Japan, or in the country according to the Customer’s request.

Our company prides itself on a long history and experience in the development of inductive components. These products have evolved over the years, with a culture of high-end production, which is represented by the continuous quality assurance in the forefront through the multi-stage control and the development of product-specific production lines. Inductive ballasts need a wide range of models satisfying Western Europe demands with a high level of technical features.

Our production is designed to be quickly converted into different equipment types, so we can react flexibly to the needs of our customers. We market our products internationally, taking into account the demands of the design ensuring that they comply with the requirements of the European standards, thus satisfying the domestic needs ready for export to the various target countries.