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Choke coils

Interference suppression coils are essential components of electronic circuits designed to suppress and filter unwanted radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). By adding inductive reactance to the circuit, chokes effectively attenuate high-frequency noise, improving signal integrity and overall device performance. Commonly used in power supplies, telecommunications and audio equipment, interference chokes are essential to maintain optimal operation in today’s electronically controlled world.

Network transformers

Mains transformers play an important role in electrical power distribution systems, ensuring efficient and safe voltage conversion. As a versatile component, line transformers serve a variety of equipment in residential, commercial and industrial environments. By managing voltage levels and reducing energy loss, network transformers contribute to the overall reliability of electrical networks. Choose the mains transformer that best suits your individual needs and increase the stability and performance of your electrical systems.

Production of inductive elements

TI-Electronic undertakes the production of standard or customer-specific inductive elements in small or even large-scale production. We are currently a supplier to many companies that use inductive elements, both working in the field of broadcasting technology, household or industrial electronics. The strength of our company is that we provide a significant part of the cores from our own production, whether they are dynamo plates, ferrites, powdered iron cores, or nanocrystals. This is our strength, which allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ needs.

We make the necessary plastic parts in our own injection molding machines or purchase them from specialist companies. We also provide any necessary auxiliary parts.

Reasons for choosing the production of inductors from TI-Electronic:

  • We offer a wide range of standard and customer-specific products: transformers, adapters, power supply units, filters, converters, electromagnets, electronic ballasts, and controllers
  • We produce and develop inductive elements from 10 grams to 50 kg
  • Both the cores and the plastic parts are provided by TI-Electronic
  • Fast and flexible development and production of prototypes
  • Higher cost efficiency for our clients
  • Long lifespan
  • Stable and reliable products

Possible versions are:

  • Opened or closed design (plastic)
  • Manually or mechanically wound
  • Ferrite cores, iron powder core, nanocrystalline core, amorphous core structure
  • Diameter of the wires: 0, 0019-5 mm
  • Range of weight: 1 gram/piece – 70 kg/piece

TI-Electronic Inductive Element Products:

Line transformers:

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