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Electronic, telecommunication, lighting, energetic and automobile industries are quickly developing nowadays, and cannot be imagined without ferrite products anymore. The spreading of the soft magnetic mangane-zinc ferrites results from their advantageous magnetic features, their big initial permeability, their low power loss and big specific resistance. Besides manufacturing mangane-zinc ferrite magnets we also prepare medium and high permeability nickel-zinc ferrite cores. These core types have low losses in the frequency range between 100 kHz and 1.5 MHz. We manufacture the tools and manufacturing devices that are necessary for the production of ferrite goods in our tool workshop. Our modern equipments allow us to meet individual demands too. We have a well-equipped chemical and electric laboratory to guaranty the proper quality of our products. Since 1996 we have been manufacturing powder core products as well. Currently we are manufacturing ring cores from the very popular (_=75) material type in the sizes requested by the users.

Reasons for choosing cores from TI-Electronic:

  • 40 years of experience on the area of core production
  • Beside production we also develop different kinds of ferrite cores
  • Our products always meet the requirements of our partners
  • Our products are tested one by one before delivery
  • We offer our products on the most favourable prices in Europe
  • We offer a wide range of the traditional and the latest cores
  • We are able to develop and produce inductive elements from the cores
  • We offer 3 years guarantee for all of our ferrite cores
  • Exact delivery

We have a detailed catalogue of the standard types, which we are able to send you on request.

The catalogue is downloadable in PDF format (ferrit_catalog.pdf – 39MB) »

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A short list of our most important solutions:
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