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TI-Electronic powder cores:

Since 1996, our company has been engaged in the development and production of ferrite – powdered iron core products.

Due to our professional experience, we have a wide range of products in the industry, and in order to ensure the appropriate quality, the products we offer are delivered checked and tested.

Its products are typically used in the fields of industrial electronics, broadcasting technology, lighting technology and the automotive industry. Through our inductor division, we manufacture and develop inductive products from cores: coils, transformers, filters as needed.

The detailed catalog of the ferrite – iron powder core products developed by us can be downloaded from our website, other product types not included in our catalog are provided with quality control.

The popularity of soft-magnetic manganese-zinc ferrite products is due to their favorable magnetic properties, high initial permeability, low losses, and high specific resistance.

In addition to manganese-zinc ferrites, we also deal with medium- and high-permeability nickel-zinc cores. These core types have low loss in the 100 kHz – 1.5 MHz frequency range.

Our main profile is ring cores and toroids, which we have in stock.

Research & development:

Our partner in the special development of powdered iron cores is the Solid State Physics Department of the Hungarian Central Physical Research Institute.

Reasons for choosing cores from TI-Electronic:

  • We manufacture and develop different types of products
  • Our products always consistently meet the requirements of our partners
  • We deliver a tested product
  • Our prices are favorable in Europe
  • We offer a wide selection of traditional and state-of-the-art seeds
  • We manufacture and develop inductive products from cores
  • We deliver punctually
  • We offer a guarantee