Moscow Electronica Expo 2014

TI-Electronic will show their main products and services at the Moscow Electronica Expo.
Meet with us in 3 Pavilion, 3C 12 stand, at 15-17 April, 2014

Electronica Expo, Moscow 
Being part of the EXPO ELECTRONICA in Moscow this year was a great experience in terms of meeting with existing clients as well as forging new alliances and securing new contracts in the areas PCB AssemblyInductor ProductionPrecision Engineering Services and other areas of our expertise. We were very pleased to be able to offer innovative information and introduce our company to interested visitors of the Expo. With each exposition event we continue to maintain and grow in relation to feeling the pulse of the industry. We were excited to participate in this event, since it is an opportunity to learn, communicate and contribute to the process of setting the standards for excellence in our industry, just a notch higher, for our company as well as the industry we are excelling in. We want to thank all the visitors of the Expo for their genuine interest and interaction with us. We are looking forward to providing our services to a larger pool of clients at a level of excellence and competitively low production costs. For a summary of the post Expo Media Release please visit.