Electronica 2012

TI-Electronic will show their main products and services at the Munich International Electronic Trade Fair – ELECTRONICA
Meet with us in B1 hall, 665 stand, at 13-16 November, 2012

International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications, Munich
We can only echo the final report of the fairs title “International trade fair leaves industry feeling confident”. It has been an exciting four days at the ELECTRONICA in Munich for us, and hopefully for the many interested parties and new clients we met there as well! The focal points of this fair were intelligent and energy-efficient solutions in the sectors for energy storage, LEDs and smart grids, in other words PCB assembly and manufacturing,power inductors , efficient LED and metal halogen lightingnanocrysal cores prepared from metal-metal type nanocomposites and ferrite components, just to name few. Explore our service range here. We are proud to have participated on the side of contributors to these dynamic areas of the industry.
Taking all matters into account, we were surprised by the immense cost demands that fall upon our western European colleagues in the industry. It is admirable, how organizations can maintain themselves under such high costs of operation. Although, this is not unfamiliar to us, we are fortunate to be successfully producing products of the same quality at a fraction of the cost of our western colleagues and this at the level of exactly the same technology and quality standards. What’s more, is that being a member EU state, we are able to do so. Our products are not manufactured in the Far East, nor components produced there. These kinds of production relations can often entail surprising cost benefits, but also come with variables such as the distance to the producer, language barriers and culturally based different interpretations of conducting business, which may cause delays in delivery, quality issues and other circumstances for clients. This statement of facts are not to berate or lessen the practices of our colleagues in the Far East; it is simply based on a different way of conducting business that we are usually not so familiar with. That being said there is much that we as an industry may learn and exchange with each other to serve our clients with the highest level of quality and reliable components at ‘the end of the day’.
We can only resound the words of Norbert Bargmann, Deputy CEO of the Messe München, on the results of the fair: “The results of this year’s fair confirm the electronics industry’s significance as the most important branch of industry in the world. Everyone was here.” – Indeed it felt like everyone in the industry was here in Munich to represent the industry’s “mover, shakers and innovators” from around the globe! It was truly a representation of being “inside tomorrow”. We want to extend our thanks to the visitors, participants and organizers of this fair. These events as well as the dedication to our clients are an inspiration to always be at the apex of technologies we are utilizing today and developing for tomorrow.